veterans day challenge

this Veterans Day let's help preserve the stories of the
courageous men and women of our armed forces

this Veterans Day manor house
challenges you to learn the story of a Veteran*

and share it with us and
your family, neighbors, and friends

whether a fallen hero, a wounded warrior,
a family member or even a friend,
there are thousands of stories to be told

feel free to also share your stories via
e-mail or posting a comment below

*inspired by the Memorial Day challenge

1 comment:

  1. This Veterans Day I honor my grandfathers Dr. Sol Courtman a navigator during WWII and W. Mckerall O'Niell an army infantry solider during WWII. I honor my husband and our numerous friends that are a part of the Marine Corps family. I honor the families and friends who support the brave service women and men of this great nation. Proud. Blessed. Grateful. Thankful.