redneck weekend

in september, 
house of parks took a road trip to
new freedom, pa

from tory to carhart ~ i'm well rounded

for redneck weekend
round one

husband said i would not be the only girl 
it was yours truly and 4 of husbands buddies from work

we literally slept outdoors
on the ground

i got to experience what they get to do at work
it was surprisingly kind of fun

even though ruby dog had been around rifles/ shooting before,
on saturday morning, at approximately 8:00 a.m.

she decided she was no longer interested
and needed a daycation

grateful for lostmydoggie.com

after lots of tears from yours truly
and hours of looking for her

we decided as soon as we quit worrying,
she would show up

while the gentlemen spent the day shooting clays and dove

maggie and i sat by the fire and read

coals built by yours truly

as daylight turned to dark,
i distracted myself by improving my fire building skills

coals built by yours truly

 around 11:30 p.m.
husband's phone rang and on the other line
was a neighbor from down the road

he found our ruby dog!


she was chasing his cat

warm and snuggly by the fire

ruby dog was happy to see us,
but acted as if she knew where we were all along

pro corn stalk peeler

she clearly learned to make the most of the corn fields she was likely in all day

glad to see our ruby dog has not turned into a total yuppie
and knows how to survive in the outdoors

beyond happy that all four of us got to go home together!

we had so much fun during redneck weekend

we went back for round two last weekend

this time we had a tent

photo courtesy of JvSchultz photography

i was not the only girl

and ruby dog forwent a daycation away from us

lone cloud in the sky that looked like a plane

we spent a good bit of the day at the neighbors private shooting range

everyone got some good target shooting in

including yours truly

i even managed to hit the small swinging targets once with a pistol

after the rifle range, everyone moved on to shooting clays

ruby dog and husband played in the cut corn field

pa is really beautiful country

proud that ruby dog made it through the day

no, that is not a parrot on ruby dog's shoulder

just maggie

we had quite the feast for dinner

husband rocked some steaks

plus we had corn, green beans, baked beans, and tin foil garlic potatoes
so yummy!

maggie found a warm spot inside of jn's jacket

sadly, all good things had to come to an end

the pups were none too excited about the post redneck weekend dog wash

petvalu, please open in nova!

the employees were nice and very helpful,
there was an awesome selection of items,
and the prices were much better than anything near us

post bath,
we had two very tired puppy girls


also beautiful country 

who knew

we saw lots of cows along the route home
and then we saw...

several zebra???

some of you may be surprised by my ability to embrace my inner redneck,
but here is what I am learning about myself

you can wear camo and still be girly

pink and camouflage go together

not sure if it is because i am getting older maturing,
or because i have been in the city for almost seven years

but i think i could totally embrace country living

wide open space, quiet, and simplicity

i know the grass is always greener

photo courtesy of JvSchultz photography

but country life seems like pretty good stuff

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  1. I have never seen anyone rock pink and camo with as much style and sophistication as you can, boo! (RUBY! You about gave me a heart attack just reading this, I hope you have been giving you momma and daddy extra "sorry for being such an explorer" kisses!)