first night back

tonight was my first night back to cross fit…
in a while

it was a hell of a welcome back

21-15-9 reps of

thruster, 35 lbs (rx'd 65)
pull-up, purple and green bands
total time: 6:35

back squat

10 - 55 lbs
2 - 75 lbs
10 - 55 lbs
2- 75 lbs

and a whole lot of tabata style abs and burpees

i will explain what all of this means tomorrow,
right now all i can say is

photo courtesy of auburn fb post last night

night night

war eagle, always

we did not win
but it is still 

great to be an auburn tiger!

photo courtesy of unknown

in other good news,
i successfully watched my auburn tigers

without breaking my commitment to the paleo challenge!

while everyone around me ate
spinach dip, chex mix, buffalo chicken nuggets, brownies, etc

and drank... everything but water

yours truly stuck with her
beef, bacon wrapped asparagus, and vegetables

staying strong with my carrot while husband enjoys a brownie


let's do this

happy new year, friend!

here is to blogging more in 2014!

celebrating mom's 60th ~ wytheville, va

here is to participating
in my first ever

cross fit/ paleo challenge

baby sister and i ~ kentomoor marina, md ~ august 2013


veterans day

hard to believe this was over three years ago





veterans day challenge

this Veterans Day let's help preserve the stories of the
courageous men and women of our armed forces

this Veterans Day manor house
challenges you to learn the story of a Veteran*

and share it with us and
your family, neighbors, and friends

whether a fallen hero, a wounded warrior,
a family member or even a friend,
there are thousands of stories to be told

feel free to also share your stories via
e-mail or posting a comment below

*inspired by the Memorial Day challenge


redneck weekend

in september, 
house of parks took a road trip to
new freedom, pa

from tory to carhart ~ i'm well rounded

for redneck weekend
round one

husband said i would not be the only girl 
it was yours truly and 4 of husbands buddies from work